Brands to be meaningful not only need to be culturally savvy. Being culturally savvy means that they will just become better cultural parasites. To become truly relevant brands need to act like cultural influencers – use their media power to take little ideas that matter to mainstream audience. This is why I am constantly looking for new means of cultural articulation and innovative ways for brands to tap into their potential. 

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There is a strong evidence that organizations with purpose deliver higher ROI and bring more happiness to the workplace. However, there is little know-how on the way organizations should work with their purpose. There is still more talk about the effect than the actual process. This is why I am researching these tacit moments when purpose brings value to organization in order to foster them in more diligent and conscious manner.

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School often teaches facts and figures, rarely shows how to make sense of them, but nearly never empowers students to raise their voice on the issues that matter. Graduating alumni don’t know how to speak their mind, challenge existing ideas or reach consensus with people who do not think alike. In todays world putting premium on swift collaboration, this skill should not be underestimated any longer. 

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